Plasmid Notes:

- Obtained via injection

- Give the user special "powers"

-Made from processed ADAM

-Another variation are "Gene Tonics"

-Gene tonics give the user attributes such as increased speed or strength.

-Some (Winter blast, telekinesis, incenerate, electro bolt, decoy etc.) have level 3 versions.

Splicer Notes:

-Splicers are citizens of Rapture driven insane by overuse of ADAM, they will attack anything if they think it will get them more of it. They have different variants, such as Spider splicers, Leadhead splicers, Thuggish splicers, Nitro splicers, Houdini splicers, and Brute splicers. Each has it's own special attributes. ( Agility, Long range combat, strength, ability to turn invisible.)

Big Daddy notes:

-Big Daddies are hulking bio-mechanical monsters with the primary purpose of protecting little sisters. They are encased in enlarged diving suits, armed with either a large drill, rivet gun, or a shoulder-operated grenade launcher, An earlier, failed line of big daddies, dubbed the "Alpha series" have access to an arsenal of weapons, including: The drill (witch is detachable and goes over the hand), the rivet gun, the machine gun, the spear gun, the shotgun, and the grenade launcher. The Alpha series also have to ability to use plasmids, this versitility sacrifices some of the armor that the later big daddy models (Bouncer, Rosie, Rumbler) have. These big daddies have been mentally conditioned by the late Dr. Suchong, who was impaled by a unknowingly bonded big daddy when he hurt the daddy's little sister. The big daddies are seen as golden knights by the little sisters, and are all seen as the same person by them.

ADAM notes:

-Substance produced by sea slugs endemic around rapture

-Has severe side effects

-Overuse creates insanity

-Used to buy and produce plasmids/gene tonics

-Led to New Year's Eve 1985 Revolts when Atlas's splicers attacked in the Kasmir restaurant.

List of Plasmids:

Electro Bolt: Shoots electricity from the users hands.

Incinerate!: Ignites the surrounding area and covers objects in flame.

Telekinesis: Enables the user to pick up objects with their minds.

Winter Blast: Freezes objects and locks them in place.

Insect Swarm: Sends a swarm of bees to attack organic objects.

Security Command: Causes all machines around the user to attack whatever the plasmid has affected.

Hypnotize: Used to control enemies and make them fight for you.

Enrage: Causes the affected enemy to attack anything around it.

Security Bullseye: Causes all security devices to target the enemy.

Cyclone Trap: Sets a trap that sends enemies flying into the sky.

Decoy: Makes a target dummy that your enemies attack instead of you.

Scout: Enables the user able to move around as a ghostly image.

Gravity Well: Makes a miniature black hole that sucks everything into it.

Failed plasmids: Teleportation, Dead ringer, Sanctuary

Club made plasmids:

SuperCharge: Increases the users speed, damage and resistance for a limited time.

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